Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life Coaching Details

Coaching is a mutual process where we define goals, develop strategies, implement and achieve steps along the way, and finally reach a measurable outcome. This is accomplished through one on one telephone contact on a weekly basis.

My request would be for you to think of two goals, yet you need not necessarily define them, we will do that. These goals might be in the area of career, relationship development or enhancement, family relations, or any type of goal that will improve your 'quality of life."

The first would be a goal we can work with to accomplish in three months or less. The other would be a long term goal which would have short term components within it. An example of a long term goal might be a new career which would require additional education.

The components would include, applying to grad school, taking classes, and graduation. Then researching job possibilities and making applications. Resume creation would also be a component here. As you can see within the long term goal there are many short term projects. We would work on them as we proceed.

Our coaching sessions would be by telephone for 30 to 45 minutes each week at a predefined time. The fee would range from $140 to $200 per month paid in advance into my Pay-Pal account. And on a limited/as needed basis, Email and real-time instant message support is also included, as well as information I will provide relating to Internet resources.

I'm sure you will benefit from my 10+ years of both Coaching and Private Practice Psychotherapy. Remember tho that Coaching is not a replacement for therapy for those who would benefit from working with a local therapist.

Let me know of your interest please. We can set up a 'no fee' initial session to explore your needs and how I might be a partner in attaining your goals.

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