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Live Coaching/Resume

After posting the information regarding Life Coaching a number of you emailed me wanting to know more about my background, experience, and education. While this is rather long, it seemed like the right time to give you my resume. Again, any questions you have will be cheerfully answered. Email me at


Resume: March 2007

Ronald R. DeVrou, MSW
Cell: 202/350-7117

Extensive experience in critical thinking and problem solving from years of work as a Virtual Personal Assistant, Life Coach, and 10 years as a practicing Clinical Social Worker. Strong customer service skills based in patience and client education. Extremely skilled in discovering client needs and defining client expectations using strong communication skills that bring forth insight, clarity, and movement.


1994 - Present
Life Coach

Responsibilities include weekly telephone and/or face to face contact with clients around the country and in Washington, DC. Goals creation, support, assistance, and follow through are some of the tasks performed.

2005 - Present
Virtual Personal Assistant

Email and telephone follow-up, writing and editing, blog creation and maintenance, marketing campaigns, and other off-site business related functions are some of the tasks performed. Extensive Internet research, project implementation, and Craigslist posting are also available.

1991 - 2001
Dupont Therapy & Counseling Center

Managing partner and private practice psychotherapist. Responsible for business management including record keeping, payroll, tax compliance, and business marketing. As a psychotherapist tasks included initial consultation and assessment, treatment plan creation, implementation, and follow through. Clients included individuals, couples, and groups.

1988 - 1993
Planned Parenthood of SW Michigan and Metro Washington, DC

Various tasks including termination counseling, HIV counseling and testing, and vasectomy counseling and procedure assistance. Creation and implementation of a comprehensive HIV counseling and testing protocol was a major accomplishment.


1989 - 1991
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Masters of Social Work (MSW-1991) specializing in clinical skills set development, and policy, planning and administration. Bachelors of Social Work (BSW-1989).

References and Writing Sample upon request.

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